Green Cleaning Products

Green Cleaning Products for Safety, Health

At Green Bio Carpet Cleaning, we use only non-toxic, all-natural green products and biodegradable products  in all of our green cleaning services. We take the health and safety of your family and our Earth seriously. We work hard to help ensure a clean, green future for everyone. This is why we choose green products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency or with a Green Seal Certification for each and every one of our green cleaning services.

We Love Green Products

For the majority of our green cleaning jobs, we use DCF105 from ChemSpec. While the name sounds synthetic, it’s all-natural and powerful ingredient list earned the green product approvals from Green Seal, TerraChoice and Green Guard Environmental Institute.

DCF 105, when applied to carpets, rugs and upholstery, transforms all dirt, dust and stains into natural, free-rising soaps. These soaps easily and gently rinse out of your carpets, rugs and upholstery without using chemicals or leaving behind residues. This completely green product maintains a high-quality clean in your home while protecting the health and safety of your family and Mother Earth.

We Love Green Choices

When we say we use only certified green products, we mean it. For our other products, outside of DCF105, we found other certified green products distributors to supply us with other non-toxic, biodegradable & all-natural green products. We buy from Earth Choice, OdoBan and Green Depot.

Like, ChemSpec, they also meet and pass the tough standards of all environmental regulatory agencies. Each of these companies provides us with green products free of lab-created, harsh chemicals, cruelty-free testing processes and 95% of their ingredients come from natural sources. These green products help us maintain a safe home and a clean environment.

At Green Bio Carpet Cleaners, we make green choices with all of our green products to ensure a greener home and cleaner future.

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